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Customers & Google Connecting The Dots.

Time and time again when we conduct an SEO audit it is amazing to see how many business do not have all social media / external sources of validation connected to the website which builds a business profile of your products and services you offer. 

We would expect that almost every potential customer of yours will have done some research on your services by looking for accreditation’s, reviews, and what you have been up to as a business. It would be a very good guess they would start by googling your website as this would appear on your business communication. Hopefully you will a nice informative mobile friendly website design for them to view. Then, does the website then link to your  Facebook business page? your Instagram account? To trust pilot? and other sources you have worked hard to improve. 

You may well have these accounts but if they are not directly connected to your website and clearly visible then you are relying on your customer going to these external pages to find you, but what if they find someone else with the same name? Have you potentially just lost a customer?

From a search engine ranking perspective a similar thing can occur in that a computer will struggle to build a full profile of your company. Have you just lost your search position to someone else?

Digital marketers like us could probably whip up a website in no time at all, so how can search engine determine which is a genuine website and which is not and ultimately which to look to rank highest.

The answer is straight forward in that it takes time to setup external pointers like social media, directories and review websites and by taking the time to link these direct from your website this will give some ranking boost to you. 

Search engines like customers are connecting the dots by parsing through to direct links from websites to external sources. 

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