Get More Business Reviews

More Reviews Can Help Increase Leads...

In a very faceless society now where at least 40% of all new leads and sales will be generated through your online presence all be it website or social media, reviews are a great way to encourage potential leads to get more info from you.


Reviews Help You Stand Out In The Crowd.

As an example when you do a search on Google and you look at the local maps which is the part that comes between the pay per click ads and the organic listings which is the SEO side of things. You will see via the next Image that the top listing has 15 reviews, second place has 1, and the 3rd does not have any, so which one would you pick??? 

Negative Reviews Happen

Unfortunately negative reviews happen and it is impossible to please everyone and again this can have a bad impact on your online profile. Its important to try and resolve the issues and ask them to correct there review. However you may get rogue reviews and these are people that create a fake account and quite literally give a bad review even though they are not your customer and more likely a competitor trying out a new marketing tool. 

The only way to combat this is apart from contacting the likes of Google, Facebook, Trust Pilot is to focus on reviews and for every job you complete for your customers make sure you ask for them to review your work online and remember you can never have to many reviews. 

Improve Online Visibility

Customers & Google Connecting The Dots. Time and time again when we conduct an SEO audit it is amazing to see how many business do